• Students are allowed to use their mobile phones only in Ladies Common Room, Parking Lot, Open Canteen, Mobile Zones on Third and Fourth floor and
    on the Ground Floor. Apart from the above mentioned areas, if the student is found using mobile phone, then as per the University of Mumbai Circular No.
    UG/552 of 2004 dated December 31, 2004, student will have to pay fine of Rs.500/-.
  • All students are instructed to wear their I-Cards of current Academic Year in the College Premises, failing which, they will be charged a fine of Rs.50/-.
    Students are instructed not to argue over this issue with the staff. If I-Cards have not been issued, then they have to produce original fee receipt while
    entering College Premises, otherwise they will not be allowed to enter the College Premises. Strict action will be taken against all those who are found
    without valid proof on the Premises.
  • Students are informed that National Anthem will be played at 7:25 a.m. (for Degree College) and 12:25 p.m. (for Junior College). Time may vary in case
    of Examination. Students are instructed to respect the National Anthem by maintaining silence and by standing up in attention. If any student is found of
    not respecting the National Anthem, then heavy punishment will be levied.
  • As per University Ordinance 6086, every bonafide learner should have a mandatory attendance of 75% on an average, failing which strict action will be taken as per University Guidelines





  • F.Y.J.C. students are instructed to note that their Terminal Answerbooks will be distributed on November 18, 2017 at 03:00 p.m. in their respective classrooms. Attendance for parents is compulsory.
  • S.Y.J.C. P.T. Examination
  • Regular Lectures, Tutorials and Practicals for students of F.Y.J.C. and S.Y.J.C. as per regular Time-Table will commence from Monday, November 06, 2017.
  • Online Demo: Freeship / Scholarship
  • Freeship
  • Scholarship
  • As per Regulation No.88(1)(a) of Maharastra State Board, students must have 75% attendance in each term on an average. If any student fails to comply with 75% attendance, strict action shall be taken.


  • Students of other Board (Board other Maharashtra State Board / University of Mumbai), seeking admission to First Year / Second Year / Third Year B.Com., B.M.S., B.Com.(A.F.),
    B.Com.(B.I.), B.Com.(F.M.), B.Sc.(I.T.), B.M.M., B.Com. (Env. Mgt. and Eco.), M.Com./M.Sc.(I.T.) Part I and M.Com./M.Sc.(I.T.) Part II, should note that with reference to Circular No. Enrol/1632 of 2016 dated 28.11.2016, the students of Board other than Maharashtra State Board or University of Mumbai, should bring the marksheets with Verification Stamp from their previous University / School / College, at the time of admission.




  • Looking at the instances of the suicides being committed by the Dalit Students in the Higher Education Institutes, due to caste discrimination on the grounds of their social origin, College has placed a complaint register in the office. Students can register their complaints, if any, about caste discrimination in the said register.

  • Prevention of Caste Based Discrimination Committee


Notices Circular